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  • What Equipment do you use?
    Subpar equipment is a clear indicator of an inexperienced event or wedding DJ, and it's certainly not a concern that should burden those seeking professional DJ services. However, the unfortunate reality in event planning is the need to assess your vendor's level of professionalism in advance. A DJ's prowess is closely tied to their equipment quality; even if they excel at mixing music, a visually unappealing setup with crackling speakers can overshadow seamless transitions. At Be Live Entertainment, we prioritize top-notch equipment to ensure our setups are both visually pleasing and acoustically exceptional. Say goodbye to intrusive wires and malfunctioning speakers – our Be Live Entertainment setups are designed to look as impressive as they sound.
  • Can the DJ take requests?
    We actively encourage and incorporate song requests to ensure your musical experience is tailored to your preferences and event ambiance. We carefully filter requests received from guests, adhering to your specified 'Do Not Play' list to honor your preferences. Conversely, if a guest suggests a song that complements your vibe and music choices, our skilled DJs may seamlessly include it. It's crucial to recognize that our DJs, as event professionals, possess the expertise to discern which tracks elevate the dance floor atmosphere and which might not resonate as well. Unlike simply pressing play on a pre-made set, Be Live Entertainment DJs have the flexibility to dynamically respond to the crowd's vibe, ensuring an engaging and memorable experience for everyone present. As part of our commitment to a seamless planning process, Be Live Entertainment provides an online planning system. This tool empowers you to specify your tastes and favorite songs well before the event, eliminating surprises and allowing us to craft a playlist that perfectly complements your celebration.
  • How to Book
    We simplified the DJ booking process, ensuring it's the smoothest step in your planning journey. By crafting our dedicated booking system, we've minimized any associated hassles. Dive in and discover why our clients consistently praise their Be Live Entertainment booking experience.
  • How many songs should I request?
    You have the freedom to curate the musical atmosphere of your event by choosing the songs you want to hear (and those you'd prefer to avoid) using our user-friendly online planning system. Upon receiving your contract via email, you'll also receive login details for this system. The number of song requests is entirely at your discretion. For an optimal experience, we suggest providing your DJ with a selection of 10-15 songs spanning various genres and artists that you'd like to be featured. Additionally, sharing a few songs or artists you'd rather not have played is always beneficial. While you're welcome to request a substantial number of songs, it's wise to consider the time constraints of your event. Our 1st goal is to make sure we play all the important songs for formalities during the wedding. Our online song form is structured so that you provide the important songs for formalities such as first dance, ceremony music, entrances, parent dances etc. These are the songs we absolutely must have from you and cannot be chosen for you, but we have Spotify playlists to give you ideas. Our 2nd goal is to play all the bangers that wedding guests love and mix in songs that are your personal dance floor anthems. Our online song form has space for you to add your favorite artists as well as must hear songs that we make sure to play when you are on the dance floor. This keeps the DJ from being constrained to a playlist while allowing us to play to the crowd, all while mixing in the songs you’re looking forward to. Our 3rd goal is to set a stellar vibe for cocktail hour. We have 4 exclusive playlists/genres to choose from for Cocktail Hour. This includes Jazz, Singer/Songwriter, Country, Top 40. Don’t stress too much about cocktail hour music as it is solely background music. Our 4th goal is to build anticipation for the dancefloor. We call this “feeding the beast”. We have playlists exclusively for dinner that are notorious for making guests crave to get on the dance floor. We call this foot tappin’ and head bobbin’ music. This is how we really get guests vibing while saving the bangers for the dancefloor.
  • What kind of music do you play?
    We cover it all – literally everything! Seriously, our repertoire spans across all genres, and it's our expertise to gauge the atmosphere and assess the crowd's vibe. That's precisely why you chose us. While we'll definitely want to know your preferences, from what you like to what you absolutely love (and what you're not so fond of), our forte lies in being Open Format DJs. We take pride in seamlessly blending and mixing across all genres, ensuring a diverse and dynamic musical experience for your event.
  • What if the Ceremony and Reception are in different areas?
    This is a common scenario for most weddings. We've got it all covered with three distinct setups at every wedding. One for the ceremony, setting the perfect tone. Another dedicated to the cocktail hour, allowing your guests to soak in great vibes as they eagerly await the opening of the reception space. And, of course, our main DJ setup takes center stage inside the reception space to ensure a seamless and vibrant experience throughout your event.
  • What do you do as DJs?
    Call us biased, but we firmly believe that the DJ holds the title of the most crucial vendor. While many couples associate hiring a DJ with someone skilled at throwing a fantastic dance party (which is around 25% of what we do), the remaining 75% encompasses a multitude of roles. We're not just your dance floor orchestrators; we're your wedding planners, emcees, audio-visual and tech support, the bridge between you and your guests, the facilitators of the event's flow, and your overall maestros, ensuring every element of your special day harmonizes seamlessly.
  • Do you travel?
    We are based out of Atlanta and Central Florida but YES. Clients have taken us all over the nation. If you have a destination wedding, we are well versed in the logistics and planning of these types of events.
  • How much time do you need to setup?
    For weddings where we handle both the ceremony and reception, our standard arrival time is 2.5 hours prior to the ceremony kick-off. This timeframe allows us 2 hours for setting up our sound equipment in two distinct locations and initiating pre-ceremony music 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. For all other events, our usual arrival time is 1.5 hours before the guests start arriving, providing ample time for a seamless setup process.
  • Do I tip the DJ?
    We do not include gratuity in the final contract price. 10 – 20% is generally recommended if your DJ did a great job, but it is entirely up to you.
  • We have a live musician playing all the songs for our ceremony. Do we still need your services for the ceremony?
    Live musicians bring an incredible touch to your ceremony, and we're excited that you've chosen them for your special day! However, it's worth noting that live musicians typically don't manage the microphone setup for the officiant or groom during the ceremony. For weddings with 50 or more guests, especially if held outdoors, we highly recommend using a lapel microphone for the officiant to ensure clear audio for your attendees. Additionally, for optimal sound quality, consider placing a lapel microphone on the groom to capture both the bride and groom's voices. Our ceremony service includes both of these lapel microphones. If you opt for our ceremony service, we can also provide 30 minutes of pre-ceremony music as your guests arrive. And here's a handy bonus – if there's a particular song you'd like played during the ceremony that the live musician might find challenging or if it just wouldn't sound right, let us handle it! We can play virtually any song, as long as it's available as an MP3 or you provide a YouTube link. Your ceremony, your way!


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